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Trusteer Rapport security software

Helping to keep you safe from online attacks when you bank online with us...

We want to make internet banking as safe, whilst convenient as possible – giving you the added peace of mind when you bank online with us. We’ve teamed up with Trusteer to bring you Rapport security software, a free and easy to download tool designed to make your online banking even more secure.

Whilst anti virus software and firewalls provide valuable protection against fraud, the threat of online attacks continue to become increasingly sophisticated meaning that you need to continually review your security solutions.

Rapport security software is a free and easy to download tool designed to make your online banking even more secure by blocking behaviour that indicates banking malware is active on your PC. The software effectively wraps a "shield" around your online banking session to prevent malware entering and attempting to steal your data and or your money.

Not only will Trusteer Rapport help protect your online banking session, it will also warn you if you are at risk of responding to a phishing attack.

  • Instant protection upon installation – securing the connection between your computer and The Co-operative Bank Internet banking.
  • Adds a valuable additional layer of protection to complement your existing anti virus software and firewall protection.
  • Verifies that you are connected to the genuine Co-operative Bank Internet banking website. If you unsuspectingly open up a phishing / bogus web page Trusteer Rapport will stop your data going to it.
  • Free, easy and quick to install with no need to restart your computer.
  • Designed to work quietly in the background by blocking behaviour that indicates banking malware is active, ring-fencing your personal information to prevent cyber criminals from stealing it.
  • Highly recommended and downloadable onto most PCs and Macs.

Check for compatibility on the Trusteer website

Trusteer is a world leading provider of secure browsing services and works with more than 70 leading financial institutions around the world to help keep online banking experience safe and secure from online fraudsters. It is currently used by more than 13 million internet users to protect them from the increasingly sophisticated world of cyber crime.

Find out more about Trusteer on their website, including the technical help available to you through their Support section (FAQ’s, Web Chat, and Call Back options).

Already use Trusteer Rapport on your PC?

Great news - You are automatically protected with Trusteer Rapport security software when entering our banking sessions. To protect your login credentials against other sites (i.e phishing/bogus websites) the first time you log in to internet banking following our upgrade you will be prompted to protect your login credentials with Rapport. Simply click 'protect' and continue as normal to online banking with added protection and peace of mind.

Need help?

If you need help downloading Trusteer Rapport Security Software please visit Trusteer Support