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What makes us different?

We have values and ethics at our heart

How we make a difference

We've never been a bank to follow the crowd. In fact, we believe it's good to be different. That difference is driven by our customers.

  • In 1992, we became the first high street bank to introduce a customer-led Ethical Policy.
  • We're proud to be supporting Co-operatives by investing more than £1 million in The Hive, a business set up in partnership with Co-operatives UK, to help new and existing businesses thrive.
  • Our 'My money, my life' campaign, in partnership with Refuge, improved the way banks respond to financial abuse, leading to the launch of the Financial Abuse Code of Practice in October 2018.
  • We ask our customers what matters to them most, so that we can campaign and fight for the things they care about.
  • Through product initiatives, customer donations and individual fundraising efforts over £775,000 (total donation amount as of July 2018) has been donated to Centrepoint to help young homeless people between 16 and 24.

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We are an ethical bank, shaped by you

We've always shared our customers' passion for values and ethics and that's why we're different from other banks. And why ethical banking is at the very heart of everything we do.

So while the world of banking may be changing, our ethical approach to it isn't. Our values remain core to who we are - and they're the foundation we're building our future on too.

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We're a bank with ethical values at our core