Welcome to FD Online

Important Information

Fraudsters are contacting customers pretending to be from trusted Telecommunication providers, the Bank and the Police. If you are contacted out of the blue;

- Never share your banking security details
- Never share your security token codes with anyone
- Never allow anybody to access your PC remotely

Cheque clearing

We are making changes to cheque processing.
To find out more about how this might affect you visit our FAQ for Cheque Imaging section.

Online Banking Users – Important Security Message

Remain vigilant when using online banking; always be alert to unexpected requests to re-enter your security token details or provide unexpected security information.

If you are asked to do this or you notice any unusual responses when banking online, do not continue but call us immediately on 0345 601 9938. (Call charges) (Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm & Sat 9 - 12 noon)