Foreign Services

When your business is dealing in an international marketplace, you need to be confident in the knowledge that your financial transactions will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We understand this need, which is why our International Banking Team utilises state-of-the-art technology to ensure we consistently deliver to the highest levels.

We can help you resolve any international banking needs you may have with a range of services which are:

  • Easy - any queries or international service requests you may have can easily be carried out over the phone
  • Flexible - a range of appropriate banking products to suit your needs
  • Reliable and secure - payments made and received using bank-to-bank electronic links
  • Specialist - our dedicated foreign services team work exclusively on overseas transactions and will be able to give you any advice you may need
  • Transparent - see our Foreign Currency Account Tariff.

Making a foreign payment with The Co-operative Bank is quick and easy. You can make any foreign payments under £20,000 by calling customer services on 03457 213 213^, or for requests over £20,000 you will need to send a fax with this request to 0161 201 9024^. Faxes must either be on business letterheaded paper or by using our new form. Find out more.

If your business is involved in importing or exporting, either regularly or occasionally, we have a range of international banking services available: