FD Online

Making banking simple and secure

Foreign payments on behalf of third parties

If you are making a Foreign Payment (including SWIFT and CHAPS EURO). on behalf of a third party, please add their client account number, full name and address in the Payment Details field - Thank you.

Our commercial online banking service, FD Online, gives you direct access to your business account(s) via the internet. It is a stable, durable and secure system that will provide you with a fast online experience.

FD Online Functionality and Login

About FD online

FD Online offers a range of secure banking services. The security token provides you with an additional level of security. The token generates codes which are needed to log on to the system and to complete some transactions, such as; setting up beneficiaries.

FD Online provides all the advantages of our Business Online Banking service, plus the added benefits of:

  • CHAPS payments (both UK and Euro)
  • foreign payments
  • secondary approval for payments
  • bespoke reports.

To discuss your needs, please contact your Relationship Manager.

How to register for FD online

To discuss your needs or learn more about our tariff, please contact your Relationship Manager or call our Computer Banking Team on 0345 603 2921. Alternatively, if you have a general enquiry about FD Online, you can email us at fdonline@cfs.coop

How to login

Logging in is simple. You will need your Customer ID, User ID and your security token. These will all have been provided by your company's administration user.

Please choose whether you’d like to:

View the security token instructions (PDF)
View the instructions for the DDA compliant security token

Security token information

Your security token is part of our ongoing commitment to making your online banking experience as secure as possible.

It is easy to use and you will be prompted by the online banking system when you need to use it.

Your security token holds no personal or financial information about you and does not need to be connected to your computer. It simply generates codes that you will use to identify yourself at logon and to complete some online transactions, such as setting up a new beneficiary.

System requirements

When accessing The Co-operative Bank website, we recommend you use the most up-to-date browser and operating system for your desktop, mobile or tablet.

We have built our website to work on the browsers used by most of our customers, which include:

  • Google Chrome 49 - 55, 58 - 60
  • Firefox 49 - 54
  • Internet Explorer 8 - 11
  • Microsoft Edge 12 – 15
  • Safari 9 &10

If you are using a desktop or laptop, we recommend you use:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • OS 10.12 (Sierra)

For our Business Online Banking and Financial Director Online services we recommend you use the latest version of your browser to ensure that you are protected against any security vulnerabilities in older browsers.

What can you do online

When using FD Online, you can:

  • Check your account balance
  • View your recent statements on screen and print them off
  • Search for transactions of a particular type (eg cheques), date or amount range
  • Transfer funds between connected Co-operative Bank accounts
  • Future-date a funds transfer between Co-operative Bank accounts
  • Arrange bill payments / fund transfers to other UK bank accounts*
  • Arrange bill payments / fund transfers to be made in the future*
  • Check the progress of items on your account
  • Enquire if a cheque has been presented, stop cheques* and remove stops*
  • Cancel Standing Orders or Direct Debits.

You can also order the following:

  • Copies of cheques/credits/debits*
  • Copies of statements*
  • An up to date statement*
  • Cheque books
  • Change of signature forms

*FD online incurs a monthly service fee. These items will incur additional service charges. Please refer to your Relationship Manager for full details.