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October 2011

Changes to how we process Electronic Payments out of your account
We are taking this opportunity to inform you of improvements we are making to process all sterling and foreign electronic payments within the UK, EU and the EEA more quickly.

Moody's credit rating announcement
You may have seen in the news recently an announcement regarding credit ratings of financial services providers from Moody’s.

July 2011

DEC East Africa Appeal
Over 10 million people are at risk in East Africa due to conflict and some areas being affected by the worst drought in 60 years. Your donations can help provide life saving aid such as food, water, care for malnourished children and medical treatment.

June 2011

Lost or forgotten accounts
The Co-operative Bank p.l.c is proud to be part of the statute backed Unclaimed Assets Scheme working to close inactive accounts and re-unite customers with unclaimed funds.

May 2011

Closure of Cheque Guarantee Card Scheme
The UK Domestic Cheque Guarantee Card Scheme will close on 30th June 2011. This means it will no longer be possible for anybody to guarantee a cheque under the scheme after this date. Customers can still use their cheque book as usual but they will not be able to guarantee cheques.

February 2011

Join the Revolution
The Co-operative Group, our parent business has a strong heritage of campaigning and supporting social issues from climate change to animal welfare

Regulatory changes to our credit products
The European Union Consumer Credit Directive (EUCCD) is new legislation that is being implemented on 1st February 2011 into UK Consumer Credit Law and other associated legislation to harmonise consumer credit regulation across the European Union Member States.

January 2009

The Co-operative Bank and Britannia Building Society
Unveil plans for super-mutual

October 2008

The Financial Climate
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