Business concierge

Expert legal and technical support for your business

We’ve teamed up with Assurant to provide a market leading Business Concierge package which has been designed, delivered and is serviced with your needs at heart.

The Business Concierge package offers support for businesses with legal, HR matters and technical issues for connected devices in the office or at home. By providing access to this wide range of help and support from experts within the areas of commercial law, HR and IT; they aim to relieve the everyday pressures of starting or running a small business.

Assurant have been established for 125 years and have a record of figuring out what’s stopping the businesses and consumers they serve, and find ways to keep them moving forward. They have a reputation for introducing new ideas to the marketplace that turn insight into competitive advantage.

In business, we all need a little expert support from time to time. Whether it’s help with the paperwork, a technical issue, or just someone to get a second opinion from. That’s where Assurant can help.

They act as an on-demand support system for small businesses. Whether you’ve got a HR query or need some technical IT support with setting up a new device, having a package with Assurant is like extending your team so you can focus on the running of your small business.

What is in included in the Business Concierge package?

Legal Assist

Access to legal advice for your business, document templates and discounted legal expertise.

Legal Assist Helpline

The dedicated helpline gives you and your business access to legal support from a recommended law firm on the phone or face to face, enabling you to get the advice you need.

Legal document health check

Assurant can complete a legal health check of your business to make sure that you have the right policies, procedures and documents in place to protect your business, its assets and reputation.

Legal document templates

Access to a suite of downloadable templates covering a wide range of needs, including;

  • Employment contracts
  • Health & Safety policies
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Terms & conditions

Will writing

Downloadable templates to tell people what should happen to your money, possessions, property or business affairs after you die. Alternatively, you can be connected to a lawyer who can assist you.

Employment & HR

Assurant can help with any employment query you may have, from recruitment and pensions to redundancy to boardroom disputes.

Hiring a lawyer

Whilst Assurant will aim to answer your query within the initial consultation, there may be occasions where you require further support from a legal expert.

Should you decide to do this, you would be entitled to 10% discount on any legal fees.

Tech Assist

Technical assistance and support for all of your connected devices, PCs and laptops.

Tech Assist Helpline

A helpline to give you access to technical experts who can support you with technical issues, and keep you connected to your business.

Unlimited access

There is no limit to how often you can use the support service.

The team is there to provide the support you need.

Covering every device

Providing assistance with issues you’re having with any of your connected devices, from phones and tablets, to computers and laptops.

Purchasing the package

Our customers can get both of these services for £8.00 + VAT per month with our preferred partner, Assurant with no fixed term contract, so you can stop the service whenever you want. To sign up, you will be directed to the Assurant website. Before you go, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Assurant is an external company to The Co-operative Bank and not part of the same group
  • The Co-operative Bank acts as an introducer to Assurant for the Business Concierge package
  • The Co-operative Bank will receive commission from Assurant on Business Concierge packages purchased by Bank business current account customers
  • You will not receive any advice from The Co-operative Bank on the Assurant Business Concierge package
  • If you have any questions regarding the Business Concierge, please contact Assurant direct.

To continue, confirm that you:

Confirm your eligibility to continue
hold a Co-operative Bank business current account and have read the important things to remember.
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You'll now leave the Co-operative Bank website and go to Assurant

Any personal data you supply from now is given to Assurant and they will be responsible for protecting it. The Co-operative Bank will not collect any of this data.

Read Assurant’s privacy policy to learn how and why they will use your personal data.

Our Ethical Policy is unique to us as a bank and not shared by Assurant. We will continue to monitor how customers are treated.

Purchase the Business Concierge package from Assurant

Important information

The Co-operative Bank acts as an introducer to Assurant. By choosing to “Go to Assurant” you will be redirected to Assurant, an external company to The Co-operative Bank. Assurant may provide The Co-operative Bank with information about your package. We will use this information to reconcile our accounts and to ensure any future marketing communications we may send you (subject to your consent) are relevant.

Business Concierge is provided by Assurant which is a trading name of Lifestyle Services Group Limited (No 5114385), whose registered address is Emerald Buildings, Westmere Drive, Crewe CW1 6UN

Terms, conditions, limitations, eligibility and exclusions apply. Please review the policy documentations provided by Assurant in order to ensure its suitability for your business.

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