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Ways to Pay

  • How do I create a recurring payment online?

    Follow these simple steps to set up a recurring payment online.
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  • What's the difference between a standing order and a recurring payment?

    If you set up a regular payment online, we call this a 'recurring payment'. If you set up a regular payment over the phone, we call this a 'standing order'.
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  • How do I cancel a standing order or recurring payment?

    Standing orders can be cancelled online by making a Service Request. Recurring payments can be cancelled online by finding the scheduled payment and clicking Delete.
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  • What is CHAPS?

    Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) is a method of making same-day electronic sterling transfers.
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  • How to make an electronic payment

    Follow these simple steps to make a payment online.
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  • How do I send a CHAPS payment?

    You can make a CHAPS payment online, if you have requested this facility to be added.
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  • How do I claim a Direct Debit back?

    If you think a Direct Debit has been claimed in error, or for the wrong amount, please call our Business Customer Services team.
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  • How do I cancel a Direct Debit?

    You can cancel Direct Debits online, using the Service Request option.
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  • What is Bulk BACS?

    Bulk BACS is an automated payment and collection facility.
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  • How do I apply for Bulk BACS?

    If you'd like to apply for Bulk BACS, please check your eligibility.
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  • How do I order a cheque book?

    To order a new cheque book, please log into Business Online Banking and submit a Service Request.
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  • How will cheque imaging impact me?

    A key change we introduced with effect from 30th October 2017 is that to stop a cheque you will no longer be able to request this on the day it’s presented to us for a payment decision.
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  • How can I make an international/foreign payment?

    Follow these simple steps to make an international payment online.
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  • What currencies can I transfer in?

    You can make transfers in several foreign currencies.
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  • How do I order an additional debit card?

    To order an additional debit card, please fill out the Debit Card application form.
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  • What is a charge card?

    A charge card comes with pre-approved limits. For more information and to apply, please visit Charge Card application.
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