I have damaged/lost my token, who do I call?

If you've damaged or misplaced your physical security token, please call our Business Online Banking team

You'll be taken through our standard security process, and will be able to order a new token (or reassign a spare token if you have one). Delivery of the new token usually takes 7 to 10 days and will require activation on receipt.

If you need to register the mobile authentication app to a new device you will firstly need to remove the existing device from your online banking.

To remove a device, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose 'Manage my security device' from the menu
  2. Once on the 'Manage my device' screen choose 'Actions'
  3. From the drop down menu choose 'Delete device details'
  4. Open HID Approve app and choose 'challenge response'
  5. Enter the code displayed within online banking into the app followed by your HID password.
  6. Enter your PIN or use your biometrics to confirm your identity
  7. Enter the code generated into online banking
  8. Confirm removal of the device by choosing 'Remove device'

To add a new device 'Set up mobile authentication' from the dashboard and follow the steps in the registration process.

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