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Account Management

  • How do I let you know about a change of address?

    You can change your address by sending a letter signed in accordance with your bank mandate.
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  • How do I change a signatory on my account?

    If any officials, signatories or authorised users have changed for your organisation, please complete a Change of Signatories and Authorised Users form.
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  • What is an Authorised User?

    An Authorised User can act on behalf of the account holder online or over the phone.
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  • How do I change an Authorised User on my account?

    Please use this form to amend the Authorised Users on your account.
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  • What are the invoice and charging dates?

    We've published information on the invoicing and charging dates on an Account Charging page.
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  • How can I link my accounts?

    To link your accounts, you’ll need to call our Business Customer Services team.
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  • How do I let you know about a Change of Title for my business/organisation?

    If the title of your business/organisation has changed, please complete the Change of Account Title form.
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