Servicing your account

Paying in cash or Cheques at a Co-operative Bank branch

You can visit any of our branches to pay in cash, cheques or postal orders into your account.

Paying in by post - cheques or postal orders only

We provide you with prepaid envelopes which should be used to post your cheques or postal orders to our processing centre. For security purposes, please do not enclose any cash. If you need more prepaid envelopes, please call your Customer Service Centre.

Please remember to include a completed paying-in-slip with your payment, postal orders must be completed on a separate paying-in slip. Write your sortcode and account number on the reverse of each cheque.

Post Office

For more information on how to utilise Post office services, please read the Post Office® Guide.pdf

You can make use of the network of Post Office branches to pay in cash and cheques over the counter. Cash can be deposited at any Post Office by debit card or cash deposit slip up to a maximum of £10,000 per week (of which a maximum of £250 per day can be coins) without prior arrangement.

Please be advised that some Post Office® branches can only accept Cash Deposits of up to £2,000 per day.

If you are likely to deposit over £10,000 cash per week and/or require a Change Giving facility you will need to call your Customer Service Centre to register with the address of your preferred Post Office branch. Please allow up to three weeks for the arrangements to be made. There may be a nominal charge for this service, please refer to your tariff.

By standing order/Faster Payments

If you receive electronic payments, you can arrange for this to be paid direct into your business account by standing order or by Faster Payments. Simply provide your sort code and account number and any reference you'd like them to quote.

Cash machines (ATMs)

You can use your business debit card at any LINK ATM to withdraw up to £500 per day (in two lots of £250), provided sufficient funds are in your account.

If you use an ATM that is not a LINK machine, or if you use your business credit card in the UK to obtain cash from any ATM, LINK included, then you will be charged a 2% handling charge on the amount withdrawn, minimum £2.

Cashback facilities

Some shops/supermarkets now allow you to get cash at the same time as paying for your goods. If the shop does offer this facility they usually ask you if you want cashback before the payment is authorised; alternatively you can ask the cashier for cashback before paying for the item.


You can use your business account cheque book to pay bills and suppliers, and to cash cheques at any Co-operative Bank branch, subject to sufficient funds.

Bill payments

Registering for Business Online Banking will allow you to create payments to enable you to send funds to people and organisations of your choice at a time which is convenient for you.

Standing orders/Direct Debits

You can make regular payments by either setting up a standing order or direct debit

You can now quickly and easily download the forms below to help you make changes to your account more effectively.

Simply print the form that you need, complete the relevant sections and send back to the specific address.

1. Change of account signatories

If you would like to change the signatories on your account, you will need to select the form below:

Change of Account Signatories - PDF

2. Change of Authorised Account Persons

(Important: This form cannot be used to request a change of authorised signature on your account - please use the relevant form in Section 1)

If you would like to change the Authorised Account Persons on your account, please select the following form:

Change of Authorised Account Persons - PDF

Once you have completed the relevant form, please send to:

Business Account Signatories Team
The Co-operative Bank p.l.c.
P.O. Box 250

How we use your personal information - PDF

To help speed up the processing of your application we need the following additional information from the following entity types:

Limited companies - All directors are required to have provided their details within the mandate, regardless of whether or not they are to be signatories on the account.
Unincorporated associations (including political parties, schools and
trusts) and mutuals – Please provide an up to date copy of your governing document and a list of your committee members including name, date of birth, address and nationality for each, regardless of whether they are to be signatories to the account.
Unincorporated registered charities/CIO/SCIO – Please provide an up to date copy of your governing document ensuring all trustees have provided their details within the mandate.
Incorporated charities (whereby a charity is registered as both Ltd & Registered Charity) – All trustees/directors are required to have provided their details within the mandate, regardless of whether they are to be signatories on the account.

3. Change of account title

If you want to inform us of a change of name to your account you will need the form below.

Change of account title - PDF

Once you have completed the checklist that is on the form and you have any supporting documentation that might be needed please send to:

Business Account Title Team
The Co-operative Bank p.l.c.
P.O. Box 250

4. Closing your account

If you wish to close your account you will need to complete the form below.
Business account closure form

Payment Transaction History

From 2 February 2018, as part of the Competition and Markets Authority Retail Order, we are required to provide you with up to five years’ worth of your payment transaction history, following the closure of your account. This information will show all of your payment related transactions that have been made through your account up to a period of five years.

We won’t provide this for any period where there has been no payment related transactions i.e. your account has only attracted charges, if your annual turnover is greater than £6.5m or if the account was closed due to:

  • fraud or other unlawful activity;
  • the death of the account holder;
  • arrears
  • bankruptcy
  • insolvency
  • liquidation
  • or in certain circumstances whereby the account holder's business or the business has closed

We will write to you and ask you to complete and sign a form in accordance with your Bank mandate.

Once we have received and successfully verified your signed document, we will send the payment transaction history to you within 10 working days. This will generally be sent to the address we held on file for you at the point your account was closed, unless requested otherwise by you or we require further information.

If you do not require this information you can tick the appropriate box on the form and return this to us.

Please note: The number of years’ worth of payment transaction information we will provide to you will depend on the time between your account being closed and you submitting your request. For example, if you closed your account 2 years ago you will be provided 3 years’ worth of payment transaction history. If your account has been open for less than five years, your transaction history will only cover this period.

If you changed your current account product and retained the same account details, your payment transaction history will cover all transactions made during that period.

Can I request a copy of Payment Transaction History after my account has closed?

If your account was closed after 2 February 2018, you can request a copy of your Payment Transaction History any time up to five years after your account has closed. In certain circumstances there may be a charge for this request.

Requests for Payment Transaction History after your account has closed will be sent to you within 7 working days following us being able to complete our reasonable identification requirements.

To request this, please write to us, signed in accordance with your Bank mandate at the following address.

Business Account Closure Team
The Co-operative Bank p.l.c.
P.O. Box 250

If you require information prior to the 5 year limit, this would need to be requested via a formal Subject Access Request. To request this, please write to us at the address detailed above.


If your debit, credit or cash card or cheque book has been lost or stolen, or if some one else knows your Personal Identification Number (PIN) please ring our Lost and Stolen telephone number immediately on 0345 600 6000^.

Your cards and/or cheque book will be blocked immediately to prevent any unauthorised use. New cards/cheque books/PIN numbers will be ordered and sent to you as soon as possible.

Credit card accounts - please note

If you are reporting your credit card lost/stolen and you have secondary cardholders on the account then all the cards will be blocked. Please ensure you advise the other cardholders as any purchases made after the card has been blocked will not be authorised for any cards on the credit card account.

Also, If you have any regular automated payments being claimed from your credit card account, you will have to contact these companies to advise them of your new credit card account number details when you receive your new card.