About Business Banking

If you’re responsible for the banking needs of a business, charity or voluntary organisation, you’re already likely to have a pretty clear view of what you’re looking for from your bank. The kind of relationship, advice and service levels you need are very much your concern, we respect that. Yet at a time when ethical issues are increasingly relevant to business, being with a bank that takes its ethical responsibilities seriously could be a valuable business asset.

So what do we do?

First and foremost we organise ourselves to deliver what we believe you and your organisation need. We have a flexible range of accounts and financial services for business and community organisations. We offer flexible access to your account, including our Internet banking service. We provide support with a team of people dedicated to providing the best levels of service to you.

How we make a difference?

We’re the only UK high street bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy. We’ve had it since 1992. Making the world a better place is part of our Co-operative values and we’re delighted to continue to nurture it.

Our policy covers a whole range of issues, but essentially means we won’t invest your money in businesses which conflict with your ethical concerns. At the same time we commit to supporting a variety of good causes – without undermining the quality of our service.

By regularly asking your opinion we make sure it reflects our customers’ view of the world and how we use your money.

Business Mentoring

Access free expert guidance for your business from independent mentors

Whether you're starting up, taking your business to the next level or just need a sounding board, a business mentor can offer you the support and guidance you need to develop your business. Organisations across the UK, including the Co-operative Bank have pledged people and time to help mentor small and medium-sized enterprises.

Find out more and apply at mentorsme.