Partial switch service

What is the partial switch service?

This is available for business accounts that do not qualify for the Current Account Switch Service. It is also available for customers eligible for the Current Account Switch Service who do not want to close their old account or transfer all regular payments.

How do I use the partial switch service?

Step one

You can switch your payments once you have an account with us. Take a look at our range of current accounts.

Step two

Complete the partial switch form and send it to us in the post.

Download form

Step three

Once we've received your request to switch, we'll contact your old bank for a list of your Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments. For new customers, this will happen once your account with us is open and operational.

Step four

When we receive the list back, we'll set up your standing orders and bill payments and will also ask your Direct Debit companies to claim payments from your Co-operative Bank account. Please note it is the responsibility of the Direct Debit companies to update their records with your new details. If you wish to see the list of payments before we set them up and choose which payments to transfer, please indicate on the form.

Step five

When the payments have been set up on your account we'll send you a letter to confirm this. Once you receive this letter you should give the details of your Co-operative Bank account to anyone who pays money into your account.