Applying for a Co-operative Business Account:

What you'll need.

To open a business account with us, you'll need to fill out all seven sections of the application form in as much detail as you can. They're important for our own records – but crucially, they also show us what kind of business you are and make sure that the product and facilities you have are appropriate for you.

Before you send in your application form, please make sure that you've included all the information we've asked for below. This means we can process your application quicker, without a need to send it back to you.

Ethical Policy questions:

We ask this in line with our customer-led Ethical Policy. It's important that you answer the questions in this section honestly, and provide details where you're able to.

Section 1: Your details

We use these to validate your business' details, and send further letters or correspondence to your place of business. We'll ask you for your personal details in Section 4a

Section 2: About Your Business

Even if you're a new business, please include as much detail as possible – including information such as chargeable rate, the funding you used to start the business, and how much funding was accrued before spending.
We'll also need to know your annual turnover, along with a detailed breakdown of pay and prices of goods and services.

Section 3: Banking requirements

Fill out this section to let us know what kind of account you need, and any stationery you require – such as chequebooks, paying in books, or access to Post Office banking.
If you're an existing member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), then you'll need your membership number in this section too.

Section 4: Personal and major shareholder/stakeholder details

Rather than your business' details, these are your own personal details and those of your major shareholders and stakeholders.
You need to fill out section A yourself, but you can photocopy sections B and C to share with your shareholders and stakeholders.

Section 5: Supporting Documentation

We may ask you for more information during our checks, but if you're a business that's currently trading we'll need:

●    a minimum 30 days' consecutive business bank statements.
●    the last 30 days' personal banking statements, highlighting all business-related transactions (if this is where business transactions have taken place)
●    A detailed business plan.
●    A statement of who your shareholders are, and how many shares they hold including shares held by another company and their corporate structure. If your company's Limited by Guarantee, you won't need to do this.     
●    A copy of your AP01, if you're a newly appointed Director.
●    A copy of your signed franchise agreement, if your business is a franchise.
●    If needed, additional certified proof to show that you have the right to reside in the UK.

Section 6: Declaration

This is the declaration to confirm that the information you've given to us is correct – and that your directors, partners, signatories and authorised users all agree with this.

Please make sure you read this very carefully, and if you're a sole Director with no company secretary, make sure that you have a witness to co-sign this agreement.