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Apply online now

It takes about 20 minutes to complete if you've got all your details to hand.

  • You'll need a printer to complete this application. If you don't have access to one right now, you can save your completed form at the end and print it later.
  • To protect your data, this form will time out after 10 minutes if left alone. These 10 minutes will start again every time you go on to a new page of the form. The form will not save your data and your submission will be lost if you timeout.

Once printed, please ensure all key account parties and account signatories have read the 'Important Information' section in the application form and signed this application form as appropriate.

You'll then need to send your application to our Freepost address.

What kind of business do you have?
What Current Account are you applying for?
  • We are sorry but we cannot offer you a business bank account at this time.

What you'll need

Business details:

  • All the names and addresses associated with the business
  • The incorporation and start date of your business
  • All business contact details (phone, email etc)
  • A detailed description of what your business does
  • How many people you employ
  • Your expected turnover (and how you plan to reach this)
  • How much you expect to pay in over a year (and how you'll do this i.e. by card)
  • Your Tax details
  • Any information regarding business with other countries

Personal Details:

You will also need the following details for yourself and any directors, owners and partners of the business with more than 10% shares, regardless of whether or not they are to be signatories on the account.

  • Full name including any previous name(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality, citizenship, country and place of birth
  • Role in the business
  • Current Home address (and previous home addresses if lived in current home address for less than 3 years)

Contact us

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