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customers HAVE SHARED


Since 1992

in June 2014

customers, colleagues &

Stakeholders TOOK PART IN



Since we became the first bank to launch an Ethical Policy

back in 1992 it has been shaped by the views of our customers.

Many thousands of customers have shared their ethical

concerns with us over that time and to this day we remain the

only bank to screen every business we bank against an Ethical

Policy led by customers.

Over the last 22 years we have reviewed our Ethical Policy five times to make sure it

remains relevant and in line with customers’ ethical concerns. Over 74,000 customers,

colleagues and other stakeholders responded to our latest poll in June 2014 and their

views have formed the basis of our new Policy.

What customers tell us is that the major ethical issues in the world today remain as

important as ever but other issues closer to home and around how the bank

operates as a business are also rising in importance.

Overwhelmingly 80% of customers still believe that not doing business with companies

and organisations that breach the Policy is the biggest action the Bank should focus on.

As a result of what our customers feel is important to them in today’s world we have

recommitted to our existing Ethical Policy and strengthened and extended it. This is

a vital step in restoring trust in the Bank - 84% of customers say it is a key reason

they bank with us.

Our customers have always been ahead of thinking on ethical issues and we believe

this remains the case today.

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