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• Acting with honesty and transparency

We ensure we’re honest and transparent in

how we do business and engage externally.

• Being a responsible bank that treats customers fairly

We seek to run The Co-operative Bank

responsibly and through our actions, ensure

good outcomes for our customers.

• Promoting human rights and equality

We support the principles of the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

• Promoting economic and social development in Britain

We seek to promote economic and

social development in Britain, including

through supporting charities and social

enterprises, and through our support

for co-operatives and the co-operative


• Protecting the environment

We support small businesses and

organisations whose activities promote

a healthy environment and we seek to

minimise our impact on the environment.

• Supporting international development

We seek to promote development and

support the reduction of poverty in

developing countries.

• Protecting animal welfare

We will not provide banking services

to organisations which are involved in

animal testing of cosmetics or household

products or whose activities significantly

degrade endangered animals’ habitats.

The seven goals at

the heart of our Ethical Policy are: