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• Ethical banking

We do not provide banking services to businesses and

organisations that conflict with our Ethical Policy.

• Ethical products and services

We seek to offer products and services that reflect our

values and ethics.

• Ethical business

We endeavour to behave ethically in how we run our

business, including our relationships with suppliers and

external organisations.

• Ethical workplace and culture

Our workplace culture reflects co-operative values and


• Ethical campaigning

We campaign for social and economic change in line

with our values and ethics.

We will strive to be ethical in

everything we do. Our Ethical Policy

ensures that the businesses and

organisations to which we provide

banking services are in tune with the

values and ethics we share with our

customers. But lending is just one

dimension of what we do. We are

therefore extending our Ethical Policy

to cover more than just lending.

Our Ethical Policy

is built

on the following five pillars:

The pillars of


Ethical Policy