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The Co-operative Bank has been rooted in strong and distinctive

values and ethics since it was founded in 1872. The Bank grew

out of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, who came

together on a basis of political and religious neutrality to stand up

for one another and build a better society. Strong values are what

our customers have expected from us ever since and in 1992, we

became the first bank ever to have a customer led Ethical Policy.

Our Ethical Policy has continued to be shaped by our customers and embodies the values

we share. The Policy remains unique in UK banking and now is the right time to recommit

to those business values and ethics.

The Co-operative Bank believes that good business and ethics go hand in hand. We

succeed by providing our customers with an ethical choice and, with success, our ability to

effect positive change grows. Without a strong bank, we cannot provide our customers

with the ethical choice they want.

This policy sets out how our business values and ethics shape the way we operate and the

decisions we take. It has been developed in conjunction with our customers.