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The Bank has a long history of supporting campaigns

in line with our Ethical Policy. We were one of the first

organisations to support international action against

landmines, not only refusing to provide banking

services to companies that profited from the trade in

landmines, but going further and actively campaigning

for change.

We believe we can make a difference by putting

our support behind causes that receive too little

attention and where the platform we can provide for a

campaign can enhance its chances of success.

We therefore commit to campaigns based on the

following principles:

• The causes we support must be in line with our

values and ethics.

• The causes we support must be strengthened

by the expertise we can bring as a bank.

• The causes we support must be underserved

and represent genuine needs that others have

neglected and where our support can therefore

make a major impact.

• The impact we can make will be more powerful

if we focus our resources rather than backing a


• The causes we support will be politically neutral.

The Co-operative Bank believes that operating with values and ethics

must go beyond simply ensuring we are ethical in how we behave as a

business. We also have a duty to use our voice to stand up for causes

in line with our values and ethics.

Ethical campaigns