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We are committed to creating an ethical workplace by:

• Advancing co-operative values by ensuring

we pay and treat people who work for us, in

equivalent roles, equally.

• Ensuring that all our employees are paid fairly, by

seeking Living Wage Accreditation and paying

our employees at least the Living Wage.

• Recognising the right of our employees to join a

trade union if they wish.

• Ensuring pay and rewards for senior executives

at The Co-operative Bank are market based,

fair and responsible and clearly linked to

individual and company performance including

the creation of a sustainable value for all


The Co-operative Bank is also committed to ensuring

that values and ethics are embedded in our workplace

culture. We commit to doing this by:

• Ensuring that the workplace values which govern

our employees’ behaviour are aligned with our

Ethical Policy and co-operative values.

• Including in our mandatory code of conduct

a commitment to understand and uphold the

co-operative values and ethics expressed in the

Ethical Policy and workplace culture.

• Ensuring that all employees will receive training

on values and ethics, both during their initial

induction, and during an annual refresher session.