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Ethical supplier relationships

As a business, we need to ensure that we behave

ethically not only in the direct impact of our activities,

but also indirectly through our supplier relationships.

Therefore, we make the following commitments:

• We require every supplier directly engaged

by The Co-operative Bank to sign up to our

Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Policy,

which reflects our Ethical Policy.

• We aim to work with our suppliers to manage

The Co-operative Bank’s own environmental

impact and support our policy of being beyond

carbon neutral. In particular we seek to:

-- Use renewable energy and manage our

energy efficiently.

-- Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

-- Reduce our reliance on chemicals that

persist in the environment and have the

potential to harm health.

-- Embrace natural products and services.

-- Minimise waste through recycling and other

sustainable waste management practices.