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• We seek to:

-- Provide customers with the opportunity

to support causes aligned with our values

and ethics through certain products and

services we offer.

-- Support Community Development Finance

Institutions that help finance small businesses

and social enterprises whose objectives are

to protect and create employment in the

most socially deprived communities and

drive investment in local economies.

-- Currently we provide banking facilities for

around 60% of the credit union sector.

Protecting the environment

We will seek to support small businesses and

organisations whose activities promote a healthy

environment, including those involved in:

• Recycling and sustainable waste management.

• Renewable energy and energy efficiency.

• Sustainable natural products and services

(including timber and organic produce).

• The pursuit of ecological sustainability.

Supporting international


We will continue to lend to organisations that support

fair trade and the provision of finance to the working

poor in developing countries via microfinance.

Protecting animal welfare

We will seek to support businesses involved in the

development of alternatives to animal experimentation

and farming methods that promote animal welfare

(e.g. free range farming).