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We make the following commitments:

A responsible bank that treats

customers fairly

• We will ensure we are fair to our customers

in the fees and charges we apply. We seek to

achieve this by ensuring we always explain fees

and charges in plain language that customers

can understand.

• We will help customers in financial difficulty. We

seek to achieve this by:

-- Helping customers access guidance and

support when they are in financial difficulty.

-- Adopting a responsible approach to lending

and providing information to help customers

recognise borrowing patterns that appear

unsustainable or irresponsible.

-- Helping customers to avoid financial

problems through the support of financial


• We base pay and rewards for branch and

customer service staff on quality of service,

good customer outcomes and control of risk rather

than volume of sales.

• We will involve our customers in designing and

improving our products and services to ensure

we treat customers fairly and meet their needs.

• We will create a set of design principles for new

products and services to ensure our products

and services, wherever possible, are aligned to

values and ethics while at the same time adding

value for customers.

Promoting economic and social

development in Britain

• We are proud of our roots in the co-operative

movement and are committed to the co-

operative values they embody. To that end, we

seek to support co-operatives, including through

our membership of Co-operatives UK.

• We seek to support charities and the broad

range of organisations involved in the Social

Enterprise sector that promote social and

economic development in the UK including:

-- Charities.

-- Credit unions.

-- Community finance initiatives.