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• The unsustainable harvest of natural resources,

including timber and fish.

• The development of genetically modified

organisms where there is evidence of

uncontrolled release into the environment,

negative impacts on developing countries, or

patenting e.g. of indigenous knowledge.

• The development of nanotechnology in

circumstances that risk damaging the

environment or compromising human health.

Supporting international


We will not provide banking services to any business

or organisation that:

• Fails to implement basic labour rights as set out

in the Fundamental UN ILO Conventions, e.g.

avoidance of child labour, or that actively oppose

the rights of workers to freedom of association,

e.g. in a trade union.

• Impedes access to basic human necessities,

e.g. safe drinking water or vital medicines.

• Engages in irresponsible marketing practices,

e.g. with regard to tobacco products and


Protecting animal welfare

We will not provide banking services to any business

or organisation:

• That is involved in the exploitation of great

apes, e.g. in experimentation or general

commercial use.

• Whose activities significantly contribute

to the degradation of endangered animal

species’ habitats.

• Involved in animal testing of cosmetic or

household products or their ingredients,

intensive farming methods (e.g. caged egg

production), blood sports (e.g. the use of animals

or birds in sport to catch, fight or kill each other)

or the fur trade.