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We make the following commitments:

Promoting human rights

and equality

We will not provide banking services to any business,

organisation or government that:

• Fails to uphold basic human rights within its

sphere of influence.

• Manufactures or transfers indiscriminate

weapons (e.g. cluster bombs and depleted

uranium munitions), torture equipment or other

equipment that is used in the violation of human

rights, or armaments supplied to oppressive


• Has links to an oppressive regime that are a

continuing cause for concern.

• Advocates discrimination and incitement to


Promoting economic and social

development in Britain

We will not provide banking services to any business

or organisation:

• That takes an irresponsible approach to the

payment of tax in the UK and elsewhere.

• Whose core business focuses on irresponsible

gambling as defined by relevant legislation.

• Whose core business is the provision of payday


Protecting the environment

We will not provide banking services to any business

or organisation whose core activity contributes to:

• Global climate change, via the extraction or

production of fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas and shale

gas), with an extension to the distribution of

those fuels that have a higher global warming

impact (e.g. tar sands and certain biofuels).

• The manufacture of chemicals that are

persistent in the environment, bio-accumulative

in nature or linked to long term health concerns.