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Your Everyday Rewards donations are changing lives

Our customers are People with Purpose, and the things you care about guide our Ethical Policy. We’re proud to have values and ethics at the heart of what we do, and the products we offer to our customers. We launched our Everyday Rewards scheme in 2016. Opted-in customers may receive rewards each month, which they can either keep or ask us to donate to one of our five chosen charities. It’s our way of saying thanks, and helping you support a cause that matters to you.

We’re delighted to announce that The Bank has now donated over £1 million to our Everyday Rewards partners on your behalf. Your commitment to supporting charities, communities and those in need has enabled us to achieve this fantastic milestone, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Read on to hear a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from your chosen charity, and find out how your donations are making a real difference.

Cheque and charity logos

You are standing up for human rights with Amnesty International UK

“Thank you so much for choosing to support Amnesty International over the last four years, and for helping us stand up for the human rights we should all enjoy. Your support has enabled us to campaign to reunite refugee families, train young human rights defenders and educate people of all ages about their rights. The world has become a different place over the last year but, with your support, we’ve been able to continue to respond to the most urgent human rights issues facing us today.” – Amnesty UK.

You are enabling Hospice UK to provide vital care to thousands of people

“We are the national voice for hospices in the UK, and your donations have enabled us to support over 200 hospices who care for more than 200,000 adults and children each year. We support hospices in many different ways, including providing education and training, awareness raising, and fundraising support. Thank you for your amazing support!” – Hospice UK.

You are helping families escape domestic abuse with Refuge

“We are honoured to be one of The Co-operative Bank's chosen charities for their innovative Everyday Rewards scheme over the last five years. We are truly in awe of your customers’ continued generosity which has raised such a staggering amount for our services. Your support is the equivalent of us providing an astounding 5,747 nights in our emergency accommodation for a woman and her family fleeing abuse. We really can't thank you enough.” – Refuge.

You are supporting Oxfam’s life-changing projects all over the world

“Since 2016, Everyday Rewards customers have enabled Oxfam to give lifesaving assistance to millions of people, especially women, affected by conflict and disaster around the world. You have also supported long term projects that directly address people’s right to be heard, access sustainable food and address the challenges of gender inequality.” – Oxfam GB.

You are protecting our green spaces with Woodland Trust

“Donations from The Co-operative Bank are vital in helping the Woodland Trust stand up for trees. Our vision for a UK rich in woods and trees, for people and wildlife, has never been more important. Thanks to your support, we can continue our work fighting climate change, creating havens for wildlife and giving people access to beautiful woodlands they can visit and enjoy for free.” – Woodland Trust.

Banking that makes a positive difference

During these uncertain times, we’re humbled by our customers’ continued kindness and generosity. It’s with your support that our charity partners are able to change lives every single day. Thank you. If you’re interested in switching your existing Everyday Rewards payment to a charitable donation, you can do it quickly and easily in online banking. Visit our Everyday Rewards page to find out more.