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We are the bank for people with purpose

Our bank was born from the co-operative movement over 145 years ago. Where others saw obstacles, we saw opportunity; a chance to make what worked for one, work for all.

A purpose built on co-operative values

These co-operative values are still important to us today; they are more than the foundations of the bank, they are what bring us together – colleagues, customers, the businesses who bank with us, the charities we support and the issues we stand for.

We are a community of people that get involved rather than stand on the side-lines. We are the colleagues that are committed to helping our customers. We are the co-operatives, credit unions, charities and small businesses who have proven that our combined strength can build both a stronger economy and society. We are the customer views shaping our Ethical Policy – steering our choices in who we provide banking to. We are the bank that believes in the power of “we”.

We've always believed that doing good and doing good business should go together. Which is why we've had a customer-led Ethical Policy for over 25 years. Putting your values at the heart of what we do and campaigning for what you think is right.

Ethical then, ethical now. We're the original ethical bank.

We believe it’s important that we combine our efforts to make the changes we believe are right. Our customers know their money will be kept safe and not be used in a way that conflicts with their values and ethics. So when our customers tell us they don’t want us to provide banking services to organisations involved in the arms trade or to those involved in animal testing for cosmetic purposes, we don’t.

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