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Cash ISAs for maturing customers

Is your savings account about to mature? Take advantage of our preferential rates.

  • Earn tax-free interest as you save, as all returns from your ISA will be free from Income and Capital Gains Tax.
  • Open a Fixed Rate Cash ISA with between £5,000 and £15,240, if using your 2016/2017 ISA tax allowance or between £5,000 and £20,000 if using your 2017/2018 ISA tax allowance.
    • Make the most of your ISA balances from previous tax years by transferring in as little as £1 from exisiting cash ISAs you have with us or other providers.
  • ISA can only be held in sole names but if your maturing account is held jointly, each of you can apply for an ISA in your own name.

Britannia savings with The Co-operative Bank

Britannia is a trading name of The Co-operative Bank plc and this allows customers to take advantage of even more savings products.

Compare our cash ISAs

Compare our rates, ISA features and see which one could be right for you.

Britannia Fixed Rate Cash ISA for maturing customers fixed until 05 April 2018
Interest paid annually
1.00% Tax-free / AER
Britannia Fixed Rate Cash ISA for maturing customers fixed until 05 April 2019
Interest paid annually
1.10% Tax-free / AER
Cash ISA
Interest paid annually
0.37% Tax-free / AER


Our savings tools can help you plan a budget and learn more about our ISAs.

ISA allowances and information

Read more about ISAs and how to transfer an existing cash ISA to us.

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Help for existing customers

Help and information about savings accounts for our existing customers.

Any reference to tax is based on our understanding of current tax regulations which may change in the future and depends on your individual financial circumstances.

The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to decline or accept any application and/or deposit.

  • Remember you can subscribe to a Co-operative Bank/ Britannia Cash ISA as long as you have not subscribed to another cash ISA with another provider in the current tax year.

smile, The Co-operative Bank and Britannia are trading names of The Co-operative Bank plc, which is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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