Foreign currency accounts

Being a Foreign currency account holder means you can have access to a wide range of benefits;

  • Simplify foreign currency dealings
  • Choose from a wide range of foreign currencies
  • Make and receive foreign payments with ease
  • Limit the risk and expense involved in exchanging currencies
  • Competitive rates of interest paid against some currencies (deposit account only)
  • Use customers’ money to pay suppliers (when trading in the same currency)
  • Deposit surplus funds without the cost of converting them to sterling.

This product is no longer available to customers that wish to open new Foreign Currency accounts.

Further information

Charges for Foreign currency accounts

Charges for our Foreign currency accounts can be found below in the International Banking Tariff.

Our two different currency accounts

Current account

Reliable and cost effective, our non-interest current account allows you to make and receive payments in foreign currency simply and safely in order to carry out all your day-to-day banking needs.

Deposit account
Our interest paying deposit account allows you to retain the flexibility of a current account, with the added benefit that you can accrue interest on some credit balances.

Facilities for current and deposit accounts:

  • Monthly statements
  • No minimum balance
  • Electronic transfer in branch or by phone
  • Transfer between currency and sterling account
  • Cheques and foreign transfers can be paid into account
  • Credit interest paid on some currencies (deposit account only)

Interest rates which may apply to your account

Credit interest rates can vary from day to day. Foreign currency account interest rates which will apply to your account are provided before you open your account or are available on request from the Foreign Services team.

Please note, customers cannot view currency accounts on their online banking and the account doesn’t come with a debit card.