Corporate Reserve Account

If you have a significant sum of money to invest – between £1 million and £10 million – The Co-operative Bank Corporate Reserve Account offers attractive rates of interest, delivering high returns for your business or organisation.

The Corporate Reserve Account offers:

  • tiered interest rates, so the higher your balance the higher the interest rate
  • the high rate of interest is paid on the whole balance, not just the amount that falls within the tier
  • interest is calculated daily and paid monthly, so you earn money on every single penny, every single day
  • you have the flexibility to make deposits by post, internal balance transfers, Faster Payments and CHAPS
  • you can withdraw your funds whenever you like.

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You also have the added advantage of having a Relationship Manager dedicated to your business, which means expert advice you can rely on is always a phone call away.

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The Bank reserves the right to decline any application and/or deposit