Charging periods and pre-notification dates

The following table details the periods each month in which charges are accrued on business accounts, it also states when the monthly statements are produced and most importantly the exact date you will be charged.

The monthly charges are in accordance with the tariff associated with your account.

Invoice date fromInvoice date toPre-notification dateCharging date
18th November 2016 19th December 2016 20th December 2016 5th January 2017
20th December 2016 17th January 2017 18th January 2017 3rd February 2017
18th January 2017 14th February 2017 15th February 2017 3rd March 2017
15th February 2017 17th March 2017 20th March 2017 5th April 2017
20th March 2017 18th April 2017 19th April 2017 5th May 2017
19th April 2017 18th May 2017 19th May 2017 5th June 2017
19th May 2017 16th June 2017 19th June 2017 5th July 2017
19th June 2017 18th July 2017 19th July 2017 4th August 2017
19th July 2017 17th August 2017 18th August 2017 5th September 2017
18th August 2017 18th September 2017 19th September 2017 5th October 2017
19th September 2017 17th October 2017 18th October 2017 3rd November 2017
18th October 2017 16th November 2017 17th November 2017 5th December 2017
17th November 2017 19th December 2017 20th December 2017 5th January 2018

Invoice date from - refers to the date that the charging period for that particular month begins

Invoice date to - refers to the date that the charging period for that particular month ends

Pre-notification date - refers to the date in which that particular month's invoice is produced

Charging date - the date you are actually charged for the amount stated in your most recent invoice